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Elevate Your Professional Capabilities with Expert-Led Training

Welcome to our professional development platform, where you can transform your skills and boost your career through our specialised courses and coaching sessions. Led by Stefania, a seasoned expert in DevSecOps and software supply chain management, our programs blend real-world technical acumen with strategic communication and negotiation skills. Whether you’re looking to master public speaking, refine your negotiation techniques, or receive personalised coaching, our courses are designed to provide actionable insights and foster significant personal and professional growth.

Public Speaking Course

Harness the power of your voice and presence to captivate any audience.

Negotiation Course

Learn to negotiate with confidence and strategic acumen.

1:1 Coaching

Receive tailored guidance to excel in public speaking, negotiation, and beyond.

Each session is infused with Stefania’s hands-on experience and a commitment to personal growth, mirrored in her pursuits outside the professional sphere. Join us to not only advance your career but also enhance your personal development journey.

Public Speaking course

Unlock Your Public Speaking Potential

Discover the power of captivating public speaking with our comprehensive course. Designed to elevate your presentation and communication skills, this course combines theory with practical exercises. From mastering your delivery to engaging your audience, we cover every aspect to ensure you leave as a confident and compelling speaker.

Course Features

Art of Persuasion:

Techniques to influence and engage any audience.

Delivery Mastery:

Control your voice and body language for impactful presentations.

Audience Engagement:

Learn to connect and maintain interest.

Personal Branding:

Elevate your presence and message.

Interactive Sessions:

Practical exercises for real-world application.


£750 for comprehensive access.

Who Should Enrol

Ideal for professionals across all fields looking to improve their public speaking skills.

Course Highlights

Negotiation Tactics:

Strategies for win-win outcomes.

Conflict Resolution:

Techniques to manage and resolve disputes.

Effective Communication:

Sharpen your listening and questioning skills.

Strategic Planning:

Setting goals and preparing for negotiations.

Real-World Applications:

Apply your skills with practical exercises.


£750 for full course access.

Who Should Enrol

Suitable for anyone looking to boost their negotiation prowess.

Negotiation Course

Master the Art of Negotiation

Elevate your negotiation skills with our detailed course. Through a blend of practical exercises, theoretical insights, and real-world applications, you’ll learn to negotiate effectively, ensuring successful outcomes in both your professional and personal life.

1:1 Coaching

Personalised Coaching for Professional Excellence

Achieve your highest potential with our tailored 1:1 coaching sessions. Focusing on public speaking, negotiation, and personal branding, our expert coaching is designed to identify and develop your unique strengths.

Coaching Benefits

Customised Learning:

Personalised sessions to target your specific goals.

Expert Guidance:

Learn from a subject matter expert with global experience.

Confidence Building:

Overcome obstacles to become a more confident communicator.

Goal Achievement:

Elevate your presence and message.


£750/hr or £5,000 for 8 sessions.

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Negotiation Workshop

Transform your communication and networking skills

Unlock your potential in professional negotiations

Effective negotiation skills are key to professional success and personal growth. 

Our workshop is designed to empower you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence needed to excel in various negotiation scenarios. Through a mix of interactive sessions, theory, group discussions, and role-plays, participants will explore and develop essential skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for teams looking to enhance their negotiation, communication, and networking skills. Whether you’re in sales, management, human resources, or any field requiring persuasive communication, our workshop will provide valuable insights and skills.

Pricing and Registration

Standard Package: £2,500 for up to 30 participants. Includes full access to all workshop materials and sessions.

Custom Packages: Need to accommodate more participants? Contact us to discuss additional moderator support and pricing.

Secure Your Spot

Empower yourself and your team with the skills to negotiate successfully in any situation. Register now for our upcoming negotiation workshop and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential.

Workshop Highlights

Communication Styles Mastery:

Dive deep into both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to express yourself clearly and understand others more effectively.

Networking Strategies:

Learn about different types of professional relationships and discover practical ways to build and expand your network.

Increasing Visibility: 

Gain insights into making yourself and your work more visible and recognised in your professional circle.

Confidence Building:

Through targeted exercises and feedback, develop the confidence needed to navigate negotiations and professional interactions easily.

Defining Success:

Personalise your definition of success and devise actionable strategies to achieve your goals.

Interactive Learning Experience:

Our workshop is not just about theory; it’s about practice and participation. 

You’ll engage in:

Group Discussions: Share experiences and perspectives, enriching your learning process.

Role Plays: Simulate real-life negotiation scenarios to apply what you’ve learned in a dynamic setting.

Safe Practice Space: We provide a supportive environment where you can experiment and refine your negotiation skills without pressure.

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