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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of Stefania's speaking sessions and workshops?

Speaking sessions range from concise 30-minute sessions to in-depth 2.5-hour workshops. Workshops involve interactive exercises, role-plays, and discussions to refine negotiation and public speaking skills.

Who should enroll in Stefania's courses and workshops?

Stefania’s courses and workshops are suitable for professionals across all fields seeking to improve negotiation, public speaking, and communication skills to gain a competitive edge in their careers.

What topics are covered in Stefania's public speaking course?

Stefania’s public speaking course covers techniques of persuasion, delivery mastery, audience engagement, personal branding, and includes interactive sessions for practical application.

How can I register for Stefania's courses and workshops?

You can enroll in Stefania’s courses and workshops through the provided registration links or by contacting us for custom packages and pricing options.

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